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Want to expand your business through digital means?

With the help from Esanco, we can provide an all-in-one solution for expanding your business rapidly in the digital market. If you are unsure on how to do it or require some professional consultation, don’t hesitate to whatsapp us at +6010-569 2838 or email to hello@esanco.com respectively, so that we can assist to improve your online presence and transit your current business into the digital market successfully.

Want to market more aggressively and effectively into the digital market?

We totally understand the feeling of wanting to reach out to your targeted audience effectively as well as maintaining a good relation or positive momentum of interest toward your products and services with them. Introducing the Atomic Ads (ESDA), a powerful digital advertising concept that can blast out a promotional/marketing campaign affordably, effectively and systematically onto a specific location, creating a solid marketing beacon to attact the shoppers within it. If you want to understand and learn more about our Atomic Ads, don’t hesitate to whatsapp us at +6010-569 2838 or email to hello@esanco.com respectively.

Business should credible online and offline

Even if your business is currently doing good offline, don’t let your chances on doing better in the online market go by. Your business reputation will be more credible if your customers are able to find you offline and online respectively.

Staying ahead of competitors

With the help of digital marketing, productive office tools as well as applications, you can analyse real time data from your marketing campaigns, perform various work tasks better and at the same time, take the necessary steps and measures to stay ahead of the competition.

Behavioural targeting

In the swift evolution of marketing strategies, there are no doubts that consumer’s behavioural targeting is getting more effective in many ways. Here’s are the few important aspects to consider when launching a good marketing campaign: Location, Interests, Demographic and Social Circles etc.

Business Inspiration

Alvin started his florist shop 5 years ago. His business is doing good and definitely a popular choice among the crowds in the area. Therefore, Alvin decided to further expand his business to other areas through e-commerce and digital advertising.

With the creation of an e-commerce web store and the help of digital advertising, consumers from other locations can now make their purchases from Alvin seamlessly online. He can now focus on expanding his business in different locations effectively and efficiently without the need of renting more physical stores, generating better profits and reducing overall overhead expenditures.

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