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Digitalize the Way

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Reach to your target audience and untapped market with the help of internet technology, explore the rapid and wide reach of digital marketing.




Feel like expanding your “small” business?

A lot of small business tend to have problem of having constant growth on their business. They often get stuck to the existing customers base and not be able to reach out to larger audience base.

With the help of Ultimate Esanco Plan, we provide an all-in-one solution for expanding your business rapidly to larger audience base through the help of digital marketing campaigns. We’ll utilize the strongest 3 tools, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, and Retargeting Advertising to help improve your online presence and tap into the untapped market of your current business.

Want to market more aggressively?

We totally understand the feeling of urge to sell a products or services. We understand the feeling of wanting to reach out to your target audience to maintain a relation or maintain the momentum of interest toward your products and services.

Introducing the EDM Advertising, a powerful tool that can blast out a million newsletter to your client database in no time. EDM marketing has proven to be an effective marketing tool that help you communicate and share news with your clients along with the confirmation of read and open shown in our reports.




Business should credible online and offline

Even you’re currently doing good offline, never let go your chances of doing better in the online market. It will be more credible if your customers are able to found you offline and online.



Staying ahead of competitors

With the help of real time data from digital marketing, you can better analyse your marketing campaigns performance and take necessary steps to stay ahead of the competitors.



Behavioural targeting is no doubt the key practice

In the rapid evolution of marketing strategies, there’s no doubt behavioural targeting is getting more effective in many ways. Here’s are the few aspects to consider when launching a marketing campaign, location, interests, browsing history, purchase history, demographic history, social circle and others.



Caters to mobile consumers

With the impact of smart phone to our daily life, it became a common practice to conduct purchase research and purchasing process through smart phones.




Business Inspiration


Alvin started a florist shop 5 years ago. His business has been doing good and has been a popular choice for the crowd in the area since then. However, Alvin decided to expand his business and tap into the online market by providing delivery nationwide.

With the help of Digital Marketing, people from other region can now find his online store easily and make orders seamlessly online. He can now expand his business rapidly without the need of renting more physical shop, but focus on selling nationwide through an online store.





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