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Why new start-ups and businesses need websites and digital advertising?

With the rapid changing and evolving of technology, new start-ups and businesses are doing everything to keep up or even trying to stay ahead of their competitions. Having a website and blasting through digital advertising will provide a time and cost-effective way for any size and form of businesses that would like to create a better online presence over their competitors.

What is ESDA concept?

Introducing Effective Systematic Digital Advertising (ESDA) on Facebook and Instagram (Atomic Ads). Facebook and Instagram are no doubt the largest and hottest social media platforms in the market. By utilising our ESDA concept on Facebook and Instagram advertising platform, you could easily reach out to the millions of active users in Facebook and Instagram effectively and systematically without wasting unnecessary budget from the CPM charges.
With the help of Atomic Ads, you can now display your promotions/products/services with other indirect merchants on our page to relay effectively without creating negative competitions among each other. Join us now to be found online by helping each other to grow.

Power of Association & Brand

Many successful businesses often use the power of association and brand to market their products/services as consumers are primarily driven by conveniences and circumstances. Hence, through our ESDA concept, each merchant is selected wisely (no direct competition with each other), so that they can be benefited from each other brands and achieve a very powerful advertising effect on their products/services respectively at a low entry cost.

Hyperlocal Selection & Targeting

With the evolution of digital marketing technology, our ESDA campaigns can target very specific and accurate audience inexpensively. Through hyperlocal marketing strategy, merchants are able to advertise successfully onto their location and target prospective shoppers in or coming to the area effectively and efficiently, creating a powerful marketing beacon in that location. Advertising Rule No. 1: Never spend ads on irrelevant audiences.

Wide Reach at a Low Cost

Facebook and Instagram have become one of the largest market places for merchants to market and advertise their products and services as both platforms together have over 1 billion active users. Through ESDA concept, the cost of reaching to the targeted audiences on Facebook and Instagram platform can be reduced significantly as each merchant is benefiting out from the advertising cost together.

Business Inspiration

Sarah has just started a café business in Malaysia. She wanted to promote her café as well as coffee products to the public respectively. However, traditional advertising methods are very costly and time consuming to set up, thus, she decided to advertise her café’s brand and coffee products through our ESDA campaign.

With the help of ESDA, Sarah is able to reach out and advertise her brand as well as products successfully at a cost effectively manner. Now, Sarah can focus her time to manage the café efficiently, and at the same time offering better products for her consumers.

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