Never Stay Low When

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Wear in style, Market in style. Never stick to the digital marketing plan designed for the mass market. Get the fully tailored made enterprise marketing plan from Esanco, and stay ahead of your competition now!


Embrace the Changes

Don’t take bigger bets without a reason, Benezet said. “This gives you a goal—something to push you through the discomfort you feel along the way,” she said. Identifying and embracing the ideals that give you and your team deep personal meaning can help them face the challenges in the process of navigating the unknown, she added.

Being said, embracing changes will lead us to unpredicted rewards, and embracing Enterprise Solutions from Esanco will lead to a fruitful results.


Business should credible online and offline

Even you’re currently doing good offline, never let go your chances of doing better in the online market. It will be more credible if your customers are able to found you offline and online.


Staying ahead of competitors

With the help of real time data from digital marketing, you can better analyse your marketing campaigns performance and take necessary steps to stay ahead of the competitors.


Behavioural targeting is no doubt the key practice

In the rapid evolution of marketing strategies, there’s no doubt behavioural targeting is getting more effective in many ways. Here’s are the few aspects to consider when launching a marketing campaign, location, interests, browsing history, purchase history, demographic history, social circle and others.


Caters to mobile consumers

With the impact of smart phone to our daily life, it became a common practice to conduct purchase research and purchasing process through smart phones.

Business Inspiration

Adam and Lina work in a established fabric manufacturing company. They believe in constant changing and evolving are the key to improve their company performance.

Hence they hired a team of professional marketer to build their online presence and brand image constantly, in order to stay ahead of the competition. With the expertise of customising according to their needs, marketing campaign can effectively target their objectives and achieving them effectively.

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