Never Stay Low

When You Are High in the Sky

Be professional, be prepared. Never stick to the applications and technologies that are designed for the mass market in the olden days. Get the enterprise made Microsoft cloud application and technology from Esanco and stay ahead of your competition now!


Embrace Digital Cloud Transformation

As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Esanco can offer solutions and supports to enterprises on accelerating their transition into the digital cloud environment and navigating them on the complexity of the technical aspect during the transformation.

Being said, we help our clients to simplify and gain clarity on the transition, optimise on the ROI from the technology investments and secure the process to digital cloud transformation.
We want to be a trusted advisor to many of the world’s leading organisations and provide end to end technical support and services that allow them to unleash the power of cloud technology.

We help our enterprise clients through our best practice:

Identify the Needs Provide the Solutions Assist in Transition Manage in Billing & Support

Identify the Needs
Provide the Solutions
Assist in Transition
Manage in Billing & Support

Business Inspiration

Adam and Lina started a fabric manufacturing company back in the year 1992. They believe that constant changing and evolving are the key to sustainability and success for any business.

Without any knowledge in digitalisation, they hired a team of professional IT consultant to advise and assist in building their online presence and digital transformation. By optimising and navigating according to their needs and directions, Adam and Lina are able to digitalise their business successfully and penetrate into the online market effectively. With the help of modern applications and technologies, their workers can work efficiently, hence increasing the production and sales respectively.

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